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Ariadne is a woman divided through the pathology of numerous identity disorder, haunted from the echoes of her mythic previous and her involuntary landing within the Schengen trap.

“It’s a safe experiment, if you feel some perturbation, let by yourself drifting Within this sensation nevertheless the experiment is done at their own personal hazard with the spectator who simply cannot complain in opposition to creator, gallery and laboratory of Chemistry on any in-desirable post outcomes…”

L’installation est réalisée sur Computer system, by means of découpage numérique, par laser et jet d’eau sous pression… la technologie devient ici un outil incarné, assist d’anomalies et de singularités…d’extrème sensualité…

5)A device employing dual ozone and ceramic filters to generate drinkable drinking water, though the Italian authorities forbid calling it “All-natural Venice H2o”.

suitable copy of the Detect of Commencement for being served by top notch mail, postage pay as you go, on the nominees (the "Nominees")2 Keeping the Debtors' publicly traded securities (the "Securities") in "Avenue title" for your valuable house owners of reported Securities. GCG also delivered Each and every Nominee by using a letter (the "Tutorial Letter") with Guidelines to distribute the Recognize of Commencement to the useful holders from the Securities.

Le joker/ Je ne passe additionally par Paris….La computation est une selected belle…le paramétrique j’en doute….c’est un peu comme l’anthropométrie criminelle…Bertillon ….

These linked to machinist resources, towards the manufacture of things and substances, in addition to Individuals navigating this side of that, casting lines of subjectivation

This passage from Radicalism to Marketplace is actually a Hoax. They predominantly succeeded thanks to their correspondence and adaptation to the global brainlessness arranged by media and politics, in the 90ties, in the period of time called the “Age with the ice’ by Deleuze and Guattari.

Chania-Naxos becomes the location of Ariadne’s possess schizophrenia concurrently releasing and congealing herself from her condition of limbo.

A recipe to the suggestions of repulsive magnetism, screaming “poiesis” in the syrupy distressnessless misunderstanding. Three ingredients of the sublime: the noble, the splendid along with the terrifying form a program oscillating between poisonous material and boundless form. You must be sublime at least at the time a day; poisonous may very well be the heal for it, if created 2 times Read More Here on a daily basis.

six)The Gaia hypothesis is the bio-geo-chemical scientific concept which the earth (which includes its biosphere) is usually a dynamic physiological program which includes maintained the World and lifestyle in harmony Discover More for three billion years.

by Guyotat – have discovered approaches to transmit and vectorize this ambivalent notion, weaving a sophisticated barbarism with empathy for the suffering target. Probably the most unpleasant part is that they're not made from voyeurism (at a distance), but are intrinsically embedded within our very own bestial, individual schizophrenia.

“Grass makes neither flower nor sermon about the mountain, nor plane provider, but ultimately it’s often grass which includes the final phrase.

We need a calculated intervention – a radical and eternal reassessment that seeks to give up the prophecy (temptations to transcendence), even though failing to halt stuttering time and time yet again. Reverence for this “failure” is instructive During this regard – the failure would be the architect’s vocation, not in reference to the architect’s subject matter; alternatively, a failure intrinsic for the extremely process of the architectural generation.

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